Subject Tracks

General ThermalHydraulics 

  • Fundamental Thermal-Hydraulic Phenomena
  • Two-Phase Flow Fundamentals
  • Subchannel Analysis in Reactor Core Thermal-Hydraulics
  • Applications of Computational Fluid Dynamics in Reactor Core Thermal-Hydraulics
  • Natural Circulation and Passive System Modeling

  • Thermal-Hydraulics and Safety of Water-Cooled Reactors (including SMRs)
  • Code Development and V&V
  • General Topics

Advanced Thermal-Hydraulic Modeling and Experiments

  • Boiling and Condensation 
  • Turbulence Modeling
  • Advances in Numerical Methods
  • CFD Methods and Application to Nuclear Engineering 
  • Multi-Scale and Multiphysics Coupling Simulation 
  • Separate-Effect and Integral-Effects Experiments
  • Advanced Measurement Techniques
  • Thermal-Hydraulic Scaling

Plant Operations

  • Componenet Improvement, I&C and Inspection, Diagnosis and Maintenance
  • Risk Analysis, Safety Culture, and Human Performance

Regulation, Accident Analysis and Source Term

  • Risk Informed Methods and Performance-Based Regulation
  • Emergency Planning, Zoning and Requirements for SMRs
  • Environmental Nuclear Safety
  • Design Basis Accidents
  • Severe Accidents Analysis, Mitigation and Management
  • In-Vessel and Ex-Vessel Related Phenomena
  • Containment Thermal-Hydraulics and Source Term

Thermal Hydraulics and Safety of Advanced Reactors and Special Topics

  • Generation IV Technologies (Liquid Metal-Cooled Reactors, Gas-Cooled Reactors, Molten Salt Reactors, Supercritical Water Reactors) and Microreactors
  • Advanced-Technology Fuels (Accident Tolerance, High Burnup, Thorium, Mixed Oxides, etc.)
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Nuclear Engineering
  • Big Data Applications and Related Challenges
  • Fusion Reactors 
  • CHF and Other Thermal-Hydraulic Challenges in Advanced Reactor Fuel Designs (e.g. ATF, SMRs, High Burnup, etc.)